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In order to help fit the needs of farmers across the country, Kussmaul Seeds offers a wide variety of soybean varieties with different, yet significant traits for herbicide tolerance. These traits protect soybeans from herbicide applications and insect damage in order to help to maximize yields. With so many traits available, farmers must be aware of the traits they are planting in their fields every year and we understand this may not be an easy task.

Herbicide Tolerance
Kussmaul varieties may be purchased with tolerances to glyphosate, glufosinate ammonium, or both. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup, as well as many other herbicides. Glufosinate is the active ingredient in LibertyLink brand herbicides. Glyphosate tolerant varieties are labeled as RR or GT in the Kussmaul Lineup. Hybrids from the Monsanto pipeline are labeled as RR and hybrids from the Syngenta lineup are labeled as GT. Glufosinate (Liberty Link) tolerant hybrids are labeled as Liberty Link in the Kussmaul lineup.

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KS-28G05 Soybean Image
KS-28G05 Soybean
0.5 RM GT Special/Unique Characteristics: • Superb standability for easier harvest • Very attractive, tawny color • Has out yielded Asgrow’s AG0301 by 20% and Pioneer... Read More
KS-28G09 Soybean Image
KS-28G09 Soybean
0.9 RM GT Special/Unique Characteristics: • Tolerant of glyphosate herbicides • High yielding soybean line that outperforms Pioneer P90M90 by 16% • Yielded over 65 bush... Read More
KS-28G12 Soybean Image
KS-28G12 Soybean
1.2 RM GT Special/Unique Characteristics: ... Read More
KS-28G15 Soybean Image
KS-28G15 Soybean
1.5 RM GT Special/Unique Characteristics: ... Read More
KS-28G17 Soybean Image
KS-28G17 Soybean
1.7 RM GT Special/Unique Characteristics: ... Read More
KS-28G19L Soybean Image
KS-28G19L Soybean
1.2 RM GT Liberty Special/Unique Chara... Read More
KS-28G20 Soybean Image
KS-28G20 Soybean
2.0 RM GT Special/Unique Characteristics: • Out yiel... Read More
KS28R21 Soybean Image
KS28R21 Soybean
2.1 RM Roundup Ready 2 Yield® Soybean Special/Unique Characteristics: • Nice Medium height plants • Attractive p... Read More
KS-28G22 Soybean Image
KS-28G22 Soybean
NEW 2.2 RM GT Special and/or Unique Characteristics: • Dominate bean in early 2 tests • Attractive... Read More