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Hybrid Sudangrass

Seed Description

Hybrid Sudangrass


Hybrid sudangrass is a fast-growing annual grass used for forage production. It is finer quality than the sorghum-sudans, but significantly coarser than Japanese millet. It is easier to make for hay than the sorghum-sudans because of its finer stems. Grows 4-7′ tall. Yields have ranged from 3-5 tons/acre dry matter. When harvested early (30″), contains high leaves of energy and protein. The quality and energy is significantly reduced after heading.

  • High yielding, fine stems for reliable summer forage
  • 13% more forage and over 1.2 tons/acre than Piper
  • Profuse tillering with rapid recovery after harvest
  • Very high digestibility; big beef gains and more milk per acre
  • Well adapted to humid, temperate climate
  • Responds very well to fertilizer and irrigation


Seeding Rate:

Drilled: 15-20 lbs per acre
Broadcast: 25-30 lbs per acre


Height of 45-50″

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