Specialty Corn Seed

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Specialty Corn
Kandy Korn Sweet Corn Image
Kandy Korn Sweet Corn
73 RM Yellow Sweet Corn • Outstanding eating quality • Early uniform stand in cool soils • Broad adaptability across corn belt • 3474 seeds/pound ... Read More
Bodacious Sweet Corn Image
Bodacious Sweet Corn
75 RM Yellow Sweet Corn • Exceptionally tender • Homozygous flavor that holds well after harvest • Excellent for home gardens & roadside stands • High ear placement • Resistance to major dis... Read More
Ambrosia Sweet Corn Image
Ambrosia Sweet Corn
75 Day Bi-color Sweet Corn • Superb eating quality • Exceptional early vigor • Excellent for gardens and roadside stands • 2618 seeds/pound ... Read More
Peaches and Cream Sweet Corn Image
Peaches and Cream Sweet Corn
Peaches & Cream 83 RM Bi-color Sweet Corn • Home garden variety • Excellent eating • Good tip fill and superior taste. • An old time favorite • Girthy ears • Tight husks... Read More
Incredible Sweet Corn Image
Incredible Sweet Corn
84 RM Yellow Sweet Corn • Tall plants, tight husks • Notably good husk protection • Excellent main season • Roadside and fresh market favorite • High ear placement • 3408 seeds/pound... Read More