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KS-28G05 Soybean Image
KS-28G05 Soybean
0.5 RM GT Special/Unique Characteristics: • Superb standability for easier harvest • Very attractive, tawny color • Has out yielded Asgrow’s AG0301 by 20% and Pioneer... Read More
KS-28G09 Soybean Image
KS-28G09 Soybean
0.9 RM GT Special/Unique Characteristics: • Tolerant of glyphosate herbicides • High yielding soybean line that outperforms Pioneer P90M90 by 16% • Yielded over 65 bus... Read More
KS-28G12 Soybean Image
KS-28G12 Soybean
1.2 RM GT Special/Unique Characteristics: • High yielding line that is stable over a wide geographic region • Has the K gene for good field tolerance to Phytophthora root rot... Read More
KS-28G15 Soybean Image
KS-28G15 Soybean
1.5 RM GT Special/Unique Characteristics: • We feel this line may be the new yield champion in this maturity! • In testing in 2009, out yielded all competitors by 8%, including... Read More
KS-28G17 Soybean Image
KS-28G17 Soybean
1.7 RM GT Special/Unique Characteristics: • Contains the K gene for good Phytophthora Root Rot tolerance • Excellent resistance to brown stem rot • Has consistently sho... Read More
KS-28G20 Soybean Image
KS-28G20 Soybean
2.0 RM GT Special/Unique Characteristics: • Out yields many of the new GENRR2Y brands by over 8% • Easily out performs the competition • Very widely adaptable from NY to SD • Excellent whi... Read More
KS-28G21 Soybean Image
KS-28G21 Soybean
2.1 RM GT Special/Unique Characteristics: • Excellent tolerance to – SCN, bean beetles, sudden death syndrome, white mold, brown stem rot and Phytophthora root rot • Performs in a wide geographic zone f... Read More