Kussmaul Seeds Sorghum, Sudan


Seed Description


  • Very good dry matter yield potential
  • Excellent early season vigor and regrowth
  • Small seeded product with excellent palatability
  • Dark green plant color with thin stems and upright growth habit
  • Low water requirement with very good drought tolerance
  • Versatile crop usage for excellent hay, silage and grazing



Soil temperature should be a least 60 degrees F. Can be no-tilled into the stubble of winter and spring crops. Do not plant in soils with pH greater tahn 7.5-8.0. Chlorosis can be a severe problem.


Apply 40-80 units of nitrogen/acre at seeding; 50 units of nitrogen/acre after first cutting to reach maximum production.

Planting Rate:

Mid-May through July (soil temp 60 degrees plus)

Seeding Rate:

Dryland: 10-25 lbs./acre. Seeds per square foot: 4-9
Irrigated: 25-60 lbs./acre. Seeds per square foot: 9-22

Seeding Depth:

Planting depth should be 1″


Harvest 62-70 days after seeding. Protein will decline as harvest is delayed, but energy will increase upon heading due to continued sugar production. The potential for prussic acid and nitrate build-up must be managed. Larger stems make drying for hay difficult.

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