Smooth Bromegrass

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Seed Description

Smooth Bromegrass

Bromegrass is a cool season, sod-forming grass that performs well in various soil types. It does not tolerate frequent cutting (more than 2-3 times per season) and recovers slowly, making it an ideal companion for alfalfa, timothy, and tall fescue.

Bromegrass spreads by rhizomes (underground stems) and forms an excellent sod.

  • Very winterhardy; extremely drought tolerant
  • Slow to establish, may not be seen until the year after seeding
  • Adapts to diverse soils
  • Use for hay, pasture, waterways



Test soil and apply recommended lime and fertilizer prior to planting. May be seeded alone or in mixtures with legumes or other grasses. It should not be planted with aggressive grasses, such as rye grass and orchardgrass. Bromegrass needs time to recover after cutting.

Seeding Rate:

Drilled: 12-15 lbs./acre
Broadcast: 15-20 lbs./acre
In Mixtures: 4-7 lbs./acre

Seeding Depth:

1/4″- 1/2″ deep in well prepared, firm seedbed

Soil Types:

Adapted to various soil types with a soil pH of 6.0-7.0. Bromegrass can withstand some drought conditions and works well on shallow soils.

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