SB-55R75 Agrisure® GT Corn

Agrisure GT Corn Seed

NEW 75 RM SB-55R75 Agrisure® GT Corn Seed – Ultra early hybrid that rockets out of the ground even in cooler soils

Seed Description

NEW 75 RM Agrisure® GT Corn

Special and Unique Characteristics:

Ultra early hybrid with excellent emergence and vigor

SB-55R75 RR2 Corn Seed


  • SB-55R75 Agrisure® GT corn seed is an ultra early hybrid that rockets out of the ground even in cooler soils
  • Well suited to the variable growing conditions in the north, from the east to west
  • Very strong agronomics
  • Medium statured plants, with well placed blocky, semi-flex ears and good test weights with 16-18 kernel rows
  • Early flowering with fast black layer and rapid drydown
  • Very good late season plant intactness


Grower Tips:

  • Complete husk cover for bird protection
  • Place on highly productive soils
  • Best applications at higher populations in all rotations


Area of Adaptability:

Zone 1 east to west

Herbicide Sensitivity

  • Growth Regultors: Very Low
  • Sulfonylureas: Very Low
  • Pigment Inhibitors: Very Low


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Relative Maturity 75 Days
Technology GT
Population Range 32-39,000 Thousands
Early Vigor 9
Staygreen 8
Heat Units to Black Layer 1760
Stalk Strength 8.5
Root Strength 9
Drought Tolerance 8.5
Kernel Rows per Ear 16-18
Combine Ease 9
Ability to Ear Pick 7.5
Test Weight 8.5
Ear Style Semi-flex
Plant Height Medium
Preferred Soil Types Highly Productive
Leaf Canopy Standard
Continuous Corn Without Fungicide Good
Continuous Corn With Fungicide Very Good
Tolerates Cold Soils 9
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