SB-44A00 Agrisure Artesian®GTA Corn

Agrisure Artesian GTA Corn Seed

101 RM – Excellent choice for corn-on-corn acres, with dependable stalk strength

Seed Description

101 RM Agrisure Artesian®GTA Corn

Special and/or Unique Characteristics:

Excellent choice for corn-on-corn acres, with dependable stalk strength

SB-44A00 GT-A Corn Seed


  • A very widely adaptable hybrid that performs exceptionally well from Upper New York down through Delaware and west to Washington State
  • Extremely good versatility across all soil types
  • Excellent top end yield potential with strong agronomics
  • Excellent stress tolerance
  • Excellent late season plant health
  • Semi-fixed ear style dictates moderate to high plant populations for environment
  • Medium height plants that combine operators desire
  • Good tolerance to Goss’s wilt, gray leaf spot, northern leaf blight, eye spot, common rust and stalk anthracnose


Grower Tips:

  • Great choice for fields with a history of leaf diseases
  • Has protection against Goss’s wilt and eye spot
  • Has Artesian water optimization technology


SB-44A00 Agrisure Artesian GTA Corn Seed


Relative Maturity 9 Days
Technology GT-A
Population Range 28-34,000 Thousands
Early Vigor 9
Staygreen 9
Heat Units to Black Layer 2375
Stalk Strength 9
Root Strength 8.5
Drought Tolerance 9
Kernel Rows per Ear 14-16
Combine Ease 9
Ability to Ear Pick 8.5
Test Weight 8.5
Ear Style Semi-flex
Plant Height Medium-tall
Preferred Soil Types Broadly adapts to most all soil types east to west
Leaf Canopy Semi-erect
Continuous Corn Without Fungicide Excellent
Continuous Corn With Fungicide Excellent
Tolerates Cold Soils 9
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