RFS-2091RR Roundup Ready® 2 Silage Corn

Roundup Ready Corn 2 Seed

91 RM – High fiber and starch digestibility

Seed Description

NEW 91 RM Roundup Ready 2 Corn x Flour Corn Leafy

Special or Unique Characteristics:

Will produce ears with 25% of kernels flour, not flinty

RFS-2091RR Roundup Ready Silage Corn Seed


  • At 91 days, yield and performance of this hybrid are outstanding
  • Roots and stalks are adequate
  • Total agronomics are excellent
  • White cob
  • Fiber and starch digestibility are both very high
  • Has a short storage period before optimum feeding quality
  • In the farmers field, will produce ears with 25% floury kernels


Grower Tips:

  • Maintain a 3/4 inch chop length
  • Plant at 28,000 plants per acre
  • No need to add straw to the ration


Area of Adaptibility:

All across zone

Corn Silage Forage Analysis Report


Relative Maturity 91 Days
Technology Leafy Floury/RR2
Population Range 28-30,000 Thousands
Early Vigor 9
Staygreen 8
Heat Units to Black Layer 2256
Stalk Strength 8.5
Root Strength 8.5
Drought Tolerance 9
Kernel Rows per Ear 14-16
Combine Ease Chop
Ability to Ear Pick Earlage
Cob Color White
Ear Style Low and Flex
Plant Height Gall
Preferred Soil Types ALL
Leaf Canopy Standard
Continuous Corn Without Fungicide Very Good
Continuous Corn With Fungicide Excellent
Tolerates Cold Soils 9
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