RFS-2085RR Roundup Ready Corn 2® Silage

Roundup Ready Corn 2 Seed

85 RM – Same female as our popular RFS-2095RR

Seed Description

NEW 85 RM Roundup Ready 2 Corn X Floury Leafy Corn

Special or Unique Characteristics:

Plants have good grain content high spring vigor, soft leaves, and flexible stalks

Kussmaul Seeds RFS-2085RR Corn Seed


  • New floury leafy cross with same female as RFS-2095RR
  • Great early choice for northern markets
  • Adapts well to different ration types
  • 10-11 leaves above the ear for more sugars
  • Feed quality is excellent
  • Red cob, 14-16 kernel rows with high starch digestibility
  • Expect high NDFd and high levels of protein


Grower Tips:

  • Can tolerate cooler soils
  • Plant 30,000 plants per acre
  • Start chopping at 40-50 degrees milk line


Area of Adaptability:

Northern markets


Relative Maturity 85 Days
Technology Leafy Floury/RR2
Population Range 28-30,000 Thousands
Early Vigor 9
Staygreen 9
Heat Units to Black Layer 2180
Stalk Strength 8.5
Root Strength 8.5
Drought Tolerance 9
Kernel Rows per Ear 16-18
Combine Ease Chop
Ability to Ear Pick Earlage
Cob Color Red
Ear Style Flex
Plant Height Tall
Preferred Soil Types ALL
Leaf Canopy Standard
Continuous Corn Without Fungicide Good
Continuous Corn With Fungicide Very Good
Tolerates Cold Soils 9
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