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Cool-season Perennial

Seed Description


Orchardgrass is one of the most versatile and widely planted cool-season perennial grasses in the Midwest and northern Plains. Orchardgrass can be excellent forage quality and can provide large yields. Furthermore, its cold, heat and drought tolerances result in a persistent stand that can last for any years. Orchardgrass varieties are categorized by their maturity, and therefore, can be carefully matched to management practices in pastures, hayfields and mixed alfalfa stands. Orchardgrass is often not as winterhardy as bromegrasses, but it is often more persistent than timothy or perennial ryegrass.


Test soil and apply the recommended lime and fertilizer prior to planting. Orchardgrass has a moderately deep root system and is easy to establish. It may be seeded alone or with a legume and/or other grasses. Ideal planting times are early spring and early fall (or late summer).

Soil Types:

Orchardgrass can thrive in various soil types with a pH of 5.5-7.5. It can tolerate shade and can withstand some drought conditions, along with periods of excess moisture.

Seeding Rate:

Drilled: 15 lbs./acre
Broadcast: 20 lbs./acre
In Mixtures: 5-10 lbs./acre

Seeding Depth:

1/4″-1/2″ deep, in a well prepared, firm seedbed

Soil Types:
Adapted to numerous soil types; pH 5.5-7.5

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