KS-28G16L GT27® LibertyLink® Soybean

GT27 LibertyLink Soybean Seed

1.6 RM – GT27® LibertyLink® Soybean

Seed Description

1.6 RM GT27® LibertyLink®

KS-28G16L GT27 LibertyLink Soybean Seed


  • This new line features excellent standability
  • Top protection against SCN, iron deficiency chlorosis, brown stem rot and Sclerotinia white mold
  • Position from South Dakota to Michigan
  • Really excels central Minnesota and east
  • Purple flowers, tan pods, and brown hilum
  • Has moderate protection against sudden death syndrome
  • Excels across high yield environments
  • Carries PI88.788 gene to fight cyst nematodes R3-MR14


Technology GT27 LibertyLink¨
SCN PI88.788
Height Medium Inches
Emergence Score 1.6
Standability 1
Protein/Oil NA
Plant Type Medium-bushy
Estimated Seed Size 2600
Pubescence Light Tawny
Phytophthora Resistance Rps1k
Phytophthora Tolerance 2.4
Brown Stem Rot R
Iron Deficience Chlorosis 2.4
Sclertotinia White Mold 2.2
Patent No./Status Pending
Variety Number 63940907
Height Medium Inches
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