KS-28G12 GT Soybean

Glyphosate Soybean

1.2 RM – GT Soybean

Seed Description

1.2 RM GT

KS-28G12 GT soybean seed


  • High yielding line that is stable over a wide geographic region
  • Has the K gene for good field tolerance to Phytophthora root rot
  • Strong defense against brown stem rot and white mold
  • Medium-bushy plants allow wider range of row width options
  • Excellent no-till choice for WI, MN, SD and ND
  • 12% yield advantage over Asgrow’s AG0801
  • Better standability than P91B33RR
  • Also tolerant of DuPont’s Harmony and Synchrony herbicides


Technology GT
Height 32" Inches
Emergence Score 1.8
Standability 1.6
Protein/Oil 39.7/21.0
Plant Type Medium-bushy
Estimated Seed Size 3100
Pubescence Light Tawny
Phytophthora Resistance Rg1k
Phytophthora Tolerance 1.8
Brown Stem Rot MR. 1.65
Iron Deficience Chlorosis 2.5
Sclertotinia White Mold 1.7
Patent No./Status Pending
Variety Number 60680
Height 32" Inches
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