KS-28E08 Enlist® E3 Soybean

Enlist E3 Soybean seed

NEW 0.8 RM – Enlist® E3 Soybean

Seed Description

NEW 0.8 RM Enlist E3 Soybean

KS-28E08 Enlist E3 Soybean Seed


  • Enlist® E3 soybean
  • An early yield machine!
  • This line has the performance to earn big acres
  • Standability, emergence, and yield are all impressive
  • Has PI88.788 gene, R3, MR14
  • Stem canker and brown stem rot are both R
  • Strong Phytophthora root rot score
  • White flowers, gray pubescence, tan pods and buff colored hilum


Technology Enlist E3
SCN PI88.788
Height Medium + Inches
Emergence Score 1
Standability 1.2
Plant Type Medium-bushy
Estimated Seed Size 3200
Pubescence Gray
Phytophthora Resistance NG
Phytophthora Tolerance 1.8
Brown Stem Rot R
Iron Deficience Chlorosis 2.3
Sclertotinia White Mold 2.3
Patent No./Status Pending
Variety Number 73918289
Height Medium + Inches
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