KO-44O05 Organic Corn

Organic Corn Seed

105 RM – Best yield performance when kept in its zone

Seed Description

105 RM Organic Corn

Special and/or Unique Characteristics

Best yield performance when kept in its zone

KO-44O05 Organic corn seed


  • Medium-tall hybrid with good medium ear placement
  • Good stay green and late season plant health
  • Has excellent resistance to Goss’s wilt
  • Best if kept out of less productive fields
  • Good seedling vigor for fast starts
  • 16-18 kernel rows with solid test weights
  • Can also be used for silage
  • Red cob color


Grower Tips:

  • This hybrid loves nitrogen
  • Great choice when planted in sod or bean ground
  • Use in fields with plenty of manure


K-44O05 Organic corn seed


Relative Maturity 105 Days
Technology Organic
Population Range 24-32,000 Thousands
Early Vigor 8.5
Staygreen 8
Heat Units to Black Layer 2535
Stalk Strength 8
Root Strength 8.5
Drought Tolerance 8
Kernel Rows per Ear 16-18
Combine Ease 9
Ability to Ear Pick 8
Test Weight 8
Ear Style Flex
Plant Height Medium-tall
Preferred Soil Types High nitrogen, manure, rotated soils, highly productive
Leaf Canopy Semi-erect
Continuous Corn Without Fungicide Good
Continuous Corn With Fungicide Very Good
Tolerates Cold Soils 8.5
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