K-55C90 Conventional Corn

Kussmaul Seed Company Conventional Seed

NEW 90 RM K-55C90 Conventional Corn Seed – Conventional version of SB-47V90

Seed Description

NEW 90 RM Conventional Corn

Special and Unique Characteristics:

Drought and stress tolerance for those tougher acres

K-55C90 Conventional Corn Seed


  • K-55C90 Conventional corn seed is a real winner, available as a Roundup Ready® Corn 2, VT Double PRO® RIB Complete®, or Conventional
  • Exhibits wide adaptability across all yield environments
  • Produces girthy, semi-flex ears with 18-20 rows
  • Excellent choice for tougher acres
  • Has very good drought and stress tolerance
  • Excellent roots and stalks aid late season harvestability
  • Strong emergence with excellent early season plant vigor
  • Roundup version now has bred in resistance to anthracnose stalk rot
  • Medium height plants


Grower Tips:

  • Great choice for early planting or reduced tillage
  • Use in tougher environments
  • Has good test weights


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Relative Maturity 90 Days
Technology Conventional
Population Range 30-38,000 Thousands
Early Vigor 9
Staygreen 8.5
Heat Units to Black Layer 2153
Stalk Strength 9
Root Strength 9
Drought Tolerance 9
Kernel Rows per Ear 18-20
Combine Ease 9
Ability to Ear Pick 8
Test Weight 8.5
Ear Style Semi-flex
Plant Height Medium
Preferred Soil Types All soil types in zone
Leaf Canopy Semi-erect
Continuous Corn Without Fungicide Very Good
Continuous Corn With Fungicide Excellent
Tolerates Cold Soils 9
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