Green Mix

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Forage Plus Oats and Arvica pea mix

Seed Description

Green Mix

Green Mix is a forage plus oat and Arvica pea mix ideal for heifer and dry cow feed.
During the early stages of development, Green Mix grows slowly allowing the alfalfa to get a good start before it must compete with the Green Mix.

Green Mix is a late-maturing oat and pea mix reaching forage cutting stage 5-7 days later than typical oat and pea mixes.

Forage Plus

  • High yielding forage oat developed by the University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • Very high dry matter yield, acceptable forage quality and relative low crude protein percentage.
  • Excellent crown rust resistance


Recommended time to cut is at the late boot stage when the head can be felt in the stem of the oats. Cutting can be a week prior to heading, with a reduced but still competitive dry matter yield.


  • Relatively new proprietary pea variety, Arvica is a forage type pea that is setting a new standard in forage peas.
  • Late maturity, high yielding pea variety


Seeding Rate:

100 lbs per acre Depth: 1.5″

Under-seeded Alfalfa Rate:

15-18 lbs per acre

Seeding Depth:


Green Mix works very well as a Fall seeding crop. After winter wheat harvest, plant a Fall seeding of Forage Plus and Arvica Peas (Green Mix). This will provide added tonnage and greater density of feed when compared to Brown Midrib Sorghum.

Grower Tips:

Plant Green Mix for dry cow or heifer feed. Plant Forage Master for milk cows and beef cows nursing calves.

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