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Forage Master Image
Forage Master
Used for Establishing Alfalfa Stands Forage Master is a mixture of forage triticale and forage field peas. This combination provides higher protein levels, lower fiber levels and better yield consistency than other... Read More
Green Mix Image
Green Mix
Green Mix is a Forage Plus oat and Arvica pea mix ideal for heifer and dry cow feed. During the early stages of development, Green Mix grows slowly allowing the alfalfa to get a good start before it must compete with the Green Mix... Read More
Peas and Barley Mix Image
Peas and Barley Mix
A 50/50 blend of forage peas and barley. Barley can enhance standibility of the crop. • Provides a good quality, quick forage crop. • Makes a good companion crop to establishing alfalfa... Read More
Succotash Image
40% Oats, 30% Spring Wheat, 30% Barley. 3-Species mix improves yield for both hay and grain. Provides • High protein levels • Better standability • Use for hay or grain ?... Read More
Grain Sorghum (Milo) Image
Grain Sorghum (Milo)
NEW Grain Sorghum (Milo) Excellent attractant and food source for deer, game birds, and other wildlife. Great bedding cover. Cool temperatures limit feed grain production for livestock in the... Read More
Milo Soybean Mix Image
Milo Soybean Mix
NEW Milo Soybean Mix A mixture of medium-height milo (grain sorghum) and a tall bushy non-GMO soybean. Maximizes forage production and quality when planted after an early-spring forage. Yield... Read More
Sorghum-Sudangrass Forage Image
Sorghum-Sudangrass Forage
Standard • Very good dry matter yield potential • Excellent early season vigor and regrowth • Small seeded product with excellent palatability • Dark green plant color with t... Read More
Sudangrass Forage Image
Sudangrass Forage
Hybrid Sudangrass • High yielding, fine stems for reliable summer forage • 13% more forage and over 1.2 tons/acre than Piper • Profuse tillering with rapid recovery af... Read More
Forage Sorghum (Sudangrass) Image
Forage Sorghum (Sudangrass)
Forage sorghums are often combined with corn for silage production on lighter soils. The seed is usually mixed with seed corn at the planter box at a rate of 2.5 lbs per acre. The tall plant height (7-9+ feet) has high forage yield poten... Read More