Forage Sorghum (Sudangrass)

Kussmaul Seeds Sorghum, Sudan

Forage Sorghum

Seed Description

Forage Sorghum

Forage sorghums are often combined with corn for silage production on lighter soils. The seed is usually mixed with seed corn at the planter box at a rate of 2.5 lbs per acre. The tall plant height (7-9+ feet) has high forage yield potential, especially in drought conditions.

  • Produces best in hot summer conditions, need hot summer temperatures to reach optimum yields.
  • Best suited for well drained, fertile soils
  • One cut system


PRECAUTIONS need to be taken against prussic acid poisoning when harvested too early after a frost. If harvested after frost and put in silo, bag or bunker, allow two weeks before feeding to lower prussic acid levels in feed.


Sterile (no seed head) plant with very good seedling vigor, high stalk sugars, tremendous tillering capacity; only a one cut system.


Apply 60-100 units of nitrogen/acre at seeding to reach maximum production.

Seeding Rate:

Alone: 20.25 lbs./acre
With corn: 2.5 lbs./acre

Seeding Depth:

1″-1.5″ deep in well prepared, firm seedbed

Soil Types:

Well drained, fertile soils; pH 5.8-7.5.

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