Forage Master

Kussmaul Seeds Forage

Mixture of forage triticale and forage field peas

Seed Description

Forage Master

Used for Establishing Alfalfa Stands

Forage Master is a mixture of forage triticale and forage field peas. This combination provides higher protein levels, lower fiber levels and better yield consistency than other spring cereals.

Blend is Important

  • Inaccurate blend percentages can cause problems in the field. With Forage Master you know the blend is right! Modern conditioning facilities and strict monitoring procedures insure precise mixture percentages.


Mixture is Complimentary

  • Both triticale and forage peas are cool season crops and perform best when seeded as early as possible in the spring. Triticale is very leafy and stands better than oats, providing a strong understructure for the peas that grow slightly faster. As a legume, peas provide large amounts of nitrogen through heavy nodulation. Consider the value of this stabilized form of N to the companion plant, triticale, and its residual value to the following crop. A unique pre-inoculation procedure insures high levels of bacteria necessary to stimulate adequate nitrogen fixation during the growing season.


Excellent Nurse Crop Characteristics

  • After quick emergence, triticale and peas develop more slowly than other nurse crops, allowing the underseeding of alfalfa to develop vigorous seedlings. Rapid Forage Master growth in the three weeks prior to a timely harvest result in high Forage Master yields and well established alfalfa crop.


High Forage Quality

  • High quality forage is a result of leaf density and genetic selection. High leaf density contributes to higher protein levels, higher yields and lower fiber than other cereal crops. Protein levels of 15-20% and excellent palatability qualify Forage Master for use in lactating rations. High levels of sugars and soluble carbohydrates in the leaves and stems result in a sweet taste that explains the excellent palatability of Forage Master.


Seeding Rates:

Alone: 120 lbs/acre with a grain drill
Broadcast: not recommended
Under Seed Alfalfa: 15-18 lbs/acre

Seeding Depth:

1/2″ to 1″ deeper seed placement will restrict the tillering intensity of the triticale

Seeding Date:

Seed as early as possible in the spring. Forage Master will tolerate cold temperature and snow.


Tonnage will depend on may things such as weather, fertility, and management. Growers have had reported yields of up to 4 tons of dry matter per acre.


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