Destoni Orchardgrass

Kussmauls Seeds Grasses

Medium-late Maturity

Seed Description

Destoni Orchardgrass

(Medium-Late Maturity)

Destoni Orchardgrass is a high-performing blend of two medium- to late-maturing orchardgrass varieties. It has all the excellent qualities of Annie Orchardgrass, except it matures approximately 10 days later. The late maturity is an excellent characteristic for grass stands or mixed alfalfa stands that are not cut until later in the spring. The late maturity feature is also great for pastures or hayfields that include earlier maturing species, such as Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass and/or bromegrass. Mixing species with different maturities lengthens the seasonal harvest window, often
providing additional cuts or extended quality grazing times.


  • Later maturity benefits quality in later harvest
  • Excellent choice for mixed alfalfas
  • Excellent choice for mixed grass or clovers stands
  • Fast regrowth and excellent yields
  • Provides same basic climate and disease tolerances as Annie Orchardgrass
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