Annie Orchardgrass

Kussmauls Seeds Grasses

Early-medium Maturity

Seed Description

Annie Orchardgrass

(Early-Medium Maturity)

Annie Orchardgrass is a blend of two high-performing varieties with an early-medium maturity (within a few days of the maturity of Potomac orchardgrass) with excellent cold and disease tolerance. The earlier maturity is excellent for pastures or for early harvests, particularly for early pre-bloom alfalfa cuts. With similar maturity dates, Annie Orchardgrass is an excellent choice to mix with red or white clovers. Furthermore, Annie is an excellent choice to mix with other grass species in pastures or hayfields.


  • Excellent yields and forage quality
  • Aids in soil erosion because of persistence
  • Fast regrowth
  • Disease resistant
  • Drought resistant
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