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AmeriStand 435TQ RR Alfalfa Image
AmeriStand 435TQ RR Alfalfa
Traffic Tested® alfalfa with Roundup Ready® tolerance Key Features: Outstanding leaf retention and stem quality for optimizing digestibility and forage quality potential. High yield potential and disease resist... Read More
AmeriStand 455TQ Alfalfa Image
AmeriStand 455TQ Alfalfa
Top quality Traffic Tested® Alfalfa with Genuity® Roundup Ready® tolerance Key Features: Produces large and deep set crowns with high root crown carbohydrate reserves for regrowth and winter survival. High resistance to ... Read More
Ascend 552 Alfalfa Image
Ascend 552 Alfalfa
Ascend alfalfa is a licensed proprietary variety marketed as Ascend 552 by Kussmaul Seeds. Key Features: A very high yielding fall dormancy 5 variety with persistence equal to Vernal. Genetic Background: A varie... Read More
Summit Alfalfa Image
Summit Alfalfa
Summit alfalfa is a licensed proprietary variety marketed as a brand by Kussmaul Seeds. Key Features: A fall dormancy variety with superior yield, forage quality and winter hardiness. Genetic Background: A varie... Read More
Marathon 500 Alfalfa Image
Marathon 500 Alfalfa
Key Features: A new generation selection with Aphanomyces Root Rot Race 2 protection. Fall Dormancy: 4.5 Winter Hardiness Rating: 2.6. Rated 35 of 35 on Wisconsin Disease Index scale when including Apha... Read More
Haymaker II Supreme Alfalfa Image
Haymaker II Supreme Alfalfa
Supreme alfalfa is a licensed proprietary variety marketed as Haymaker II Supreme by Kussmaul Seeds. Key Features: A high quality, high yielding variety with persistence and wide area adaptation. Genetic B... Read More
Leafy 430 Alfalfa Image
Leafy 430 Alfalfa
This alfalfa is a product of a selection program designed to change the fall dormancy/winterhardiness relationship, resulting in a new generation product. Key Features: Leafy 430 combines later fall dormancy, excellent wint... Read More
Kow Chow 4 Alfalfa Image
Kow Chow 4 Alfalfa
A proven high quality alfalfa that dairy producers desire. Now with Apex seed coating. Key Features: Its disease resistance rating of 29/30 allows producers to plant their alfalfa crop under a variety of conditions and soil... Read More
Hi-Gest 360 Alfalfa Image
Hi-Gest 360 Alfalfa
Hi-Gest ® 360 Alfalfa Technology Key Features: First commercially available Hi-Gest alfalfa Technology variety for dormant producers. Variety Patents Pending. Product of conventional plant breeding. No y... Read More