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As we present our product lineup for 2021, take a good look at our selection of conventional corn hybrids. Many of these hybrids can and do yield right beside their traited sisters. As glyphosate resistance becomes more of a problem each year, growers are adding different chemical mixtures to their Roundup® to achieve the same results as what they have gotten in the past with glyphosate alone. Not only does this increase cost, but it also causes growers to lose the crop safety they have relied on with Roundup.

  • By going with a conventional hybrid you can take that yearly increase in tech fees and put it towards chemicals to control weeds and pests.
  • We realize that conventional corn will not work well on all acres, but there are many fields that are clean enough where conventional corn makes good economical sense.
  • If you already have glyphosate tolerant weeds in a particular field, why not save the Roundup Ready tech fee and put it towards chemicals that will do the job for you.
  • Each year we are seeing more and more growers purchasing conventional corn again. With tight budgets, conventional corn can make good economical sense.


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