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SB-47V85 Corn Image
SB-47V85 Corn
85 RM VT Double Pro® RIB Complete® Corn Seed Blend Special and/or Unique Characteristics: High test weights and grain quality Features Girthy ears with good flex for early h... Read More
SS-44S85 Corn Image
SS-44S85 Corn
86 RM SmartStax® RIB Complete Corn Blend Special and/or Unique Characteristics: Outstanding top-end yielding hybrid with very good agronomics • Fast dry down with impressive lon... Read More
K-37C86A Corn Image
K-37C86A Corn
NEW 86 RM Conventional Special and/or Unique Characteristics: Conventional version of SB-37R86A • Early hybrid with outstanding yield potential and excellent agronomics... Read More
SB-37R86A Corn Image
SB-37R86A Corn
NEW 86 RM Agrisure Artesian® GTA Special and/or Unique Characteristics: Glyphosate tolerance plus Agrisure Artesian Technology helps to maximize yield when it rains and increase... Read More
K-41C87 Corn Image
K-41C87 Corn
NEW 87 RM Conventional Special and/or Unique Characteristics: Top early hybrid for continuous corn acres • Very solid and dependable hybrid • Medium-t... Read More
SB-34Z90 Corn Image
SB-34Z90 Corn
NEW 90 RM Agrisure GT/CB/LL Special and/or Unique Characteristics: Excellent Agronomics Features: Performs well from Washington east to New York.... Read More
SS-46S90 Corn Image
SS-46S90 Corn
90 RM SmartStax® Corn Special and/or Unique Characteristics: Replaces SS-44S90 with 15 bushels more yield • Same genetics as our SB-44V90, now available as a Smart Stax Rib Complete hybrid... Read More
K-41C90 Corn Image
K-41C90 Corn
NEW 90 RM Conventional Special and/or Unique Characteristics: Deep penetrating root system Features: Great dual purpose hybrid •... Read More
SB-47R91 Corn Image
SB-47R91 Corn
91 RM Roundup Ready® 2 Corn Special and/or Unique Characteristics: Drought and stress tolerance for those tougher acres • A real winner, available as a Roundup Ready® Corn 2 or as a VT Double PRO®RIB Co... Read More