The Kussmaul Seeds Advantage – Genetic Diversity for Protection and Security

For more than 80 years, Kussmaul Seeds has been providing our customers with genetically diverse crop seeds with the convenience of purchasing from one company, Kussmaul Seeds. What do we mean by genetically diverse and why is that important to you?

  • Genetic diversity provides your crops with a natural resistant to various pest and diseases. This is similar to the genetic diversity cattlemen seek in breeding their herd.
  • Financial security by defending your yield against weather, disease and pests.
  • Our genetic diversity comes from purchasing from various sources so that we are not dependent on one gene pool.
  • Each of our seed suppliers provides us with their own genetics. This allows us to offer several different genetics within each crop and maturity.
  • Wide variety of seed options from traited to conventional to organic are available from Kussmaul. This means you do not have to find different dealers to provide all of the options you need for your operation. Kussmaul has all of the options for all of the crops.
We have the best genetics available

We access multiple breeding programs and are not tied or committed to a single source. Many of the seed companies that have sold out, or merged with another seed company are obligated to use only certain genetics. Others are contractually forbidden from accessing the genetics of certain breeding programs. By remaining independent, we have access to every breeding program commercially licensing genetics to seed companies.

All the traits that have been commercially licensed and approved for sale are available to Kussmaul customers. We are not locked out of any traits or locked into any specific traits.

We do not develop inbred lines; instead we produce and provide the best hybrids for our marketing areas. A company with their own exclusive inbred lines will try to utilize that line as much as possible. This reduces their genetic diversity and reduces the amount of data needed to predict any potential problems or concerns.

Our research is conducted locally and nationally

Not only do we belong to a testing cooperative, generating multi-site data, but we also do our own planting and harvesting of research plots. This assures that prior to releasing a new hybrid, we already know how the new hybrids will perform. We are the guinea pigs – not you!

We’re family-owned & some of our employees are farmers

A lot of the same traits that are important to you are also important to us, because we are farmers.

We care about you

We personally know you, our customer. We make a practice of knowing our customers, their needs and their operations. You are not just a number in our computer database, but you are friends and information sources to us.

We select new hybrids based on their benefits

We never select hybrids based on how profitable they are for us to produce. Each hybrid is unique. Some are very easy to produce, some are very difficult. Some hybrids also carry very high breeder fees. We base our hybrid selection on profitability for you, not on the economic factors in the production field.

We will offer job-specific, as well as region-specific hybrids

At Kussmaul Seed, one size does not fit all. Some seed companies have what they call Dual Purpose Hybrids, meaning one hybrid will be used for silage or grain or even as an ear picking hybrid. At Kussmaul Seeds, we offer silage-specific hybrids, RFS, intended to be used for silage only. We offer hybrids that are best suited for farmers who harvest their corn with mechanical ear corn pickers. We have products that are intended to be used in the western market areas only. We also have products that excel in specialty markets such as ethanol production, or high oil extraction. We offer alfalfas to meet the many different environments and management practices of our diverse customer base.

Our employees are dedicated

Kussmaul Seed is the best because each of our employees is dedicated to providing you with the very best seed. Our employees who farm have friends that buy our seed. Our production employees have buddies who plant Kussmaul Seed. Our salesmen have made friends and have formed personal relationships with many of their customers. Everyone at Kussmaul Seed has a hand in what we offer. Our employees take great pride in what they do and feel responsible for the seed that we deliver. No one wants to be responsible for selling a poor product to his or her friends.

Our salespeople know the products they sell

We encourage our salespeople to visit their customer’s field plots often. Watch as these hybrids and varieties grow. Walk their customer’s fields several times a year; keep an eye on the competition’s fields. Ask questions, talk to some of the plant breeders that develop some of the products and ask questions. We want your Kussmaul salesperson to be able to guide you through the many products available, so they can make the best recommendations to you. Their job is to make you more profitable.

We control all aspects of our seed

We have control of the seed we offer you from researching potential new products to testing these various possibilities, to planting, harvesting, conditioning, and delivering the seed to you. A lot of seed companies today are simply marketers. They know nothing about production, conditioning or even delivering. They just contact a wholesale producer and have seed put into their bags and shipped to their customer. Do you really feel comfortable dealing with this type of seed supplier? How well do they know the product they are marketing? How much do they even know about farming and the different obstacles encountered on the farm? One disastrous crop could put you out of business; do you trust your livelihood to this type of seed company? Growers should ask themselves these questions and then decide for themselves.

The Kussmaul name has been known for high quality since 1934

Brothers Al and Rud Kussmaul started raising and selling seed in 1934. In 1981, they decided to continue in production and discontinue the retail side of the business. By 1989, retail was once again a part of the business. So for almost 80 years, the Kussmaul family has been researching, testing, producing, and delivering high quality seed to American farmers in the Midwest and western corn belt. You don’t stay around for 72 years unless your good at what you do!

Our name is on every bag we sell!

We are very proud to be able to help you be more profitable. We also know that when you purchase a bag of our seed, you place your trust in us. It’s our responsibility not to let you down. Our reputation and our name are on the line every time a bag of Kussmaul Seed is planted. We accept and endorse that responsibility. Our name is on every bag we sell!