Organic Corn Seed:

Grain and silage options for organic producers

If you are looking for seed for grain and silage for your certified organic farming operation look no further. Whether you have a dairy, are raising organic beef, or have customers seeking organic grain for other uses, you want to feel confident about two things. Number one, the authenticity of your seed company’s certification and second, the performance of the seed itself. You can’t afford to gamble with either.

That is why Kussmaul Seeds sources its organic corn seed hybrids from an organic producer, grown on organic soils, using inbred parent lines that were researched, bred and produced on organic soils. The drying, processing and bagging are certified by the Organic Association for delivery to organic growers.

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Kussmaul Seeds Organic Corn Seed

Why Choose Kussmaul Organic Corn Seed?

Kussmaul Seeds is dedicated to providing growers with the best options for their operation. This includes offering a wide range of organic corn seed hybrids, from a 77 RM hybrid that works well as a dual-purpose option for grain or silage in early markets due to its strong emergence, through to a full 105-day hybrid bred to stay green and stand strong with good late season plant health.

Other options range from 90 to 105 days. This range includes specific hybrids with strong tolerance to common pathogens such as tar spot, southern leaf blight, common rust, Gross’s wilt and stalk anthracnose.

Kussmaul’s organic corn seed does not contain treatments of any kind; it is raw, clean seed that maintains your farm’s organic integrity while providing the yields you need.

Organic vs. Conventional (aka non-GMO):

If your operation does not require organic inputs, but you want to avoid GMOs and the expense of licensed traits while maintaining strong yields, check out our lineup of conventional hybrids, many of which yield at rates that match those of their traited sisters.

With many individual technologies cost an average of $30 per acre, and some multi-trait stacks run as high as $75 per acre. It is essential that growers carefully calculate the best options for their operations. Saving on technology fees can go a long way toward herbicide and insecticide costs. Growers who regularly rotate crops may not benefit from those traits as much as those who plant corn-on-corn in the same acres year after year.

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Kussmaul Seeds Conventional Corn

Meeting the needs of all farmers

For more than 80 years, Kussmaul Seed Company has been providing our customers with genetically diverse crop seeds with the convenience of purchasing from one company, Kussmaul Seeds.  As an independent company, we have access to every breeding program commercially licensing genetics to seed companies, in addition to providing organic corn seed hybrids for our marketing areas.

Are you ready to put Kussmaul Seeds organic corn to work in your program?

Are you ready to put Kussmaul Seeds into your rotation?

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