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Kussmaul Seeds Sales Team - Sell Corn Seed

We are looking for knowledgeable, hardworking, and self-motivated individuals to expand the Kussmaul Seeds sales team! 

  • Provide customers with genetically diverse crop seeds
  • Independently owned company providing trusted products since 1934
  • Access to every breeding program commercially licensing genetics to seed companies
  • We produce and provide the best hybrids

The Kussmaul Seeds Advantage:

Sales team will have opportunities to grow within
    • We encourage our salespeople to visit their customer’s field plots often. Watch as these hybrids and varieties grow. Walk their customer’s fields several times a year; keep an eye on the competition’s fields. Ask questions, talk to some of the plant breeders that develop some of the products and ask questions. We want our Kussmaul Seeds salesperson to be able to guide growers through the many products available, so you can make the best recommendations to growers.


We care about our growers and we care about our Kussmaul family
    • We personally know our farmers. We make a practice of knowing our customers, their needs and their operations. They are not just a number in our computer database, but they are friends and information sources to us. We want our employees to be welcomed and respected, so they can continue to spread the Kussmaul Seeds tradition that has been growing for 83 years.


We offer our customers the most extensive and trusted product lines
    • Kussmaul Seeds offers a wide variety of seed options including organic, conventional, and traited. We access multiple breeding programs, and are not tied or committed to a single source. By remaining independent, we have access to every breeding program commercially licensing genetics to seed companies. We do not develop inbred lines; instead we produce and provide the best hybrids for our marketing areas. Not only do we belong to a testing cooperative, generating multi-site data, but we also do our own planting and harvesting of research plots. This assures that prior to releasing a new hybrid, we already know how the new hybrids will perform. We have control of the seed we offer growers from researching potential new products to testing these various possibilities, to planting, harvesting, conditioning, and delivering the seed to our customers..


Do you have a passion for agronomics?


Do you have farm related experience in a variety of fields?

    • Dairy
    • Crops
    • Seeds


Are you looking to expand your knowledge with the diversity to sell a variety of products?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, fill out the form below!


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