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Seed Options From 75 to 115 Day Relative Maturity

Kussmaul Seed Company offers a full lineup of conventional, traited and organic seed corn. As an independent seed company, we are not committed to a single breeding program. All approved commercially licensed seed technology traits are available for sale to Kussmaul customers through our network of seed dealers.

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Conventional Corn Seed Options

Conventional Seed

Kussmaul’s conventional corn varieties with high disease resistance and natural corn borer tolerance are bred from the latest and best genetics available. Many of these hybrids can and do yield right beside their traited sisters.

  • The savings from purchasing conventional corn hybrids over licensed seed technologies can be used for herbicides and pesticides to increase your yields.
  • There are many fields clean enough where conventional corn makes good economic sense.
  • Each year we are seeing more and more growers purchasing conventional corn. With tight budgets, conventional corn seed’s lower price point makes good economic sense.


Conventional Corn

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Traited Corn Seed Options

Seed Technology Companies

Corn Seed Technologies Available Include:


To fit the needs of farmers across the country, Kussmaul Seeds offers a wide variety of corn hybrids with many powerful technology traits. Herbicide tolerance and Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) protein traits protect corn from herbicide applications and insect damage to maximize yields. Our dealers and agronomists can help you choose the right traits for your specific needs and fields year after year to maximize the benefits those traits provide.

Herbicide Tolerance In Corn Seed Hybrids

Kussmaul Seeds works with the world’s top technology trait providers to offer our customers the best options when choosing herbicide tolerant corn seed. Hybrids from Monsanto (Roundup Ready®) or Syngenta pipelines with tolerances to glyphosate, glufosinate ammonium, or both can purchased directly from Kussmaul Seeds. Many stacked trait hybrids available from Kussmaul include glufosinate tolerance.

Other Trait Technologies In Corn Seed Hybrids

Kussmaul Seeds works with top technology companies to offer you trait options such as enhanced insect resistance – above and below ground, and drought tolerance. Single or stacked traits are available.

Traited Corn

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Organic Corn Seed Options

Organic seedKussmaul Seeds is dedicated to meeting the needs of farmers of all sizes and types of operations, including those producing organic crops. Our organic seed is produced by organic seed producers, on organic soils, using inbred parent lines that are researched, bred and produced on organic soils. The drying, processing and bagging are certified by the Organic Association for delivery to organic growers. Kussmaul organic seed does not contain seed treatments of any kind; it is raw, clean seed.

Organic Corn

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Wide Range of Seed Corn Maturities Available

Kussmaul Seeds offers corn hybrids to meet all producers’ maturity needs, from short season 75-day hybrids through to hybrids with up to 115-day relative maturity. Conventional, traited, and organic corn hybrids are all available in all these maturity ranges. Read more about Relative Maturity.

Corn Seed Options To Help Farmers Improve Their ROI

For more than 80 years, Kussmaul Seed Company has been providing our customers with genetically diverse crop seeds with the convenience of purchasing from one company. Because Kussmaul Seeds is an independent company, we have access to every breeding program commercially licensing genetics to seed companies. We produce and provide the best hybrids for our marketing areas.

And the results show up on our customers’ bottom line.

“Being a small farmer, ROI is not just important it is essential. So, when I was asked by my agronomist to try Kussmaul Seed to save money, I did. The savings was $30 a bag over what I had been using. The standability was good, and the test weight was great. The seed dealer did a monthly follow up checking the fields and letting me know the progress. When we did a yield test on eight years of continual corn the yield was over 200 bushels an acre. The ROI was higher than anticipated.

–G.C.Iowa Grower


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