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Roundup Ready Soybeans
Myths and Realities

Myth: Monsanto doesn't care about agriculture and the American farmer. False.

Reality: Monsanto is now 100% Focused on agriculture and the American farmer is Monsanto's most important and valued customer. Monsanto must continue to produce superior products that growers want and sell them at a fair price. Like any publicly held business they must make a return for investors in the company. Monsanto can no longer depend on industrial chemicals, sweeteners or pharmaceutical products. Monsanto reinvests in research and development everyday to bring future U.S. product to farmers. Additionally, Monsanto continues to share technologies with public soybean research for improving yield, disease resistance and quality characteristics.

Myth: U. S. farmers can no longer save seed. False.

Reality: Farmers can still save seed for their own farms, as long as it does not contain patented technologies or varieties that are sold under a "single use restriction" license. Seeds containing patented Roundup Ready Soybean technology cannot be saved. Growers who want to save seed should discuss this desire with their seed supplier and choose unpatented conventional soybean seed.


Roundup Ready® Soybean

Simple • Flexible • Dependable

Taking complexity and worry out of soybean production.
Perfect for reduced or no-till operations, Roundup Ready Soybean varieties contain in-plant tolerance to Roundup agricultural herbicides. Just spray over the top from emergence through flowering for simple, flexible and dependable weed control, proven crop safety and maximum yield potential.

Apply Roundup When You Need To.
Roundup Ready Soybeans provide the flexibility to make applications when you need to. You can consistently achieve excellent weed control and maximum yield potential with the Roundup Ready Soybean System.
It’s one great advantage that keeps farmers coming back year after year.

More time to spend where you need it most.
With the Roundup Ready Soybean System, you’ll be able to take advantage of unsurpassed weed control, time savings and fl exibility. The Roundup Ready System takes the guesswork out of application and makes weed control a snap–even with reduced tillage.

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