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Alsike Clover


A short-lived perennial with a 1-3 year growth life, that tends to act more like a biennial. Alsike has pink-white flowers on upright, hairless stems originating from a narrow crown. It has excellent seedling vigor, generally planted with grasses to reduce the risk of bloat and enhance hay drying.

  • Can provide 50- 70 lbs of nitrogen to surrounding grasses or can enhance next crop
  • Adapted to moist, poorly drained soils; drought intolerant, used for hay, pasture, frost seeding or pasture renovation.

Test soil and apply recommended lime and fertilizer prior to planting.


Disclaimer: These are general guide and descriptions about these forages and grasses. Performance could be different in different growing regions. Kussmaul Seed Co. makes no guarantees that everyone will see the same results.


Regrowth Potential Good
Bloat Problem Yes
Winterhardiness Excellent
Ease of Establishment Good
Drought Tolerance Good
Flooding Tolerance Poor
Persistance Good

Seeding Rate
Drilled: 7-8 lbs./acre
Broadcast: 8-10 lbs./acre

Seeding Depth
1/4" - 1/2" deep in well prepared, firm seedbed

Soil Types
Best adapted to moist, poorly drained soils; tolerates waterlogged soils, spring flooding up to 6 weeks; intolerant of drought and sandy soils. It grows best between a soil pH of 5.7-7.2.


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