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Kussmaul Seed Replant & Replacement Policy



100% Replacement
Kussmaul Seeds will REPLACE 100% CORN or ALFALFA
The product has to be purchased for the seeding year and planted. We will replace 100% of the seed due to problems such as poor germination, poor seedling vigor, emergence or other seed quality related problems. If a field must be replanted, lab test must find that the seed lost vigor or went out of condition. Close out, limited availability and discounted corn are not eligible for replant. To qualify for a 100% free replant, the cause of the replant must be traced to a seed quality problem. The customer would still be responsible for any tech fees, breeder royalties or seed treatment charges that are beyond the company’s control.

50% Replacement
Kussmaul Seeds will REPLACE 50% of CORN, SOYBEANS or ALFALFA.
The 50% replacement policy covers causes other than seed quality problems. Such as: flooding, hail, spray damage, improperly adjusted planters. Seed will be billed to customer at 50% of the full retail price as listed on the price sheet. The customer would still be responsible for any tech fees, breeder royalties or seed treatment charges that are beyond the company’s control.

Replacement Policy Planting Dates
Soybeans planted before May 1 and Corn planted before April 20 will not apply to replant or be replaced by Kussmaul Seed Co., Mount Hope, WI 53816.

Kussmaul Seeds reserves the right to provide warranted product the following growing year, if product is unavailable for current season. There will be No Cash refunds. Kussmaul Seeds warranties the cost of the product only, not production losses. A Kussmaul representative must inspect any problem field before it is retilled in order to qualify for replacement seed.

Terms & Conditions of Sales
Only authorized returns will be accepted by the company, and these returns will be subject to a 10% restocking charge. All returns must be in the original, unopened and resalable bags. All accounts not settled by the due date of March 15, except for prior arranged contracts, will have further legal action taken.

Kussmaul Seeds must be notified of any returns prior to June 30 of the planting year in order to tally up our yearly sales and pay all royalties and breeder fees on seed sold. We will not accept any returns from customers or dealers if they have not contacted the office about any returnable seed by June 30.

All seed ordered from Kussmaul Seeds for 2014 planting is due in full by March 15. Any seed ordered after March 15 is due in full 20 days from date of delivery. Interest charges will begin when any account is 15 days past due. Interest will begin accumulating at 15 days past due at the maximum percentage allowed by law. Kussmaul Seed Co. will not issue any cash refunds, but will apply any refunds earned towards the next years seed purchases.

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