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Seed Partners



Are you looking for supplemental income?

Kussmaul Seed Co is looking for partners to help sell our products. We are looking for full and part time personnel in:

  • Illinois
  • Minnesota
  • Iowa
  • North Dakota
  • Michigan
  • Wisconsin

Kussmaul has successful partnerships with individuals in the following types of businesses and with the following backgrounds:

  • Farmer Dealers
  • Farmers
  • Feed Stores
  • Implement Dealers
  • Insurance Agents
  • Farm Managers
  • Retired Farmers wishing to remain active in agriculture
  • Individuals interested in joining the Kussmaul Seed Team

Why choose Kussmaul Seeds?

  • We are an independent, family-owned seed company, quietly growing since 1934
  • By remaining independent, we can offer a wider selection of genetics.
  • We offer an unrestricted selection of genetics and traits to the growers.
  • Our goal is to help our customers be more profitable, not outside investors.
  • We can offer traits from every source, we are not commited to a single developer.
  • We are full service seedsmen - conducting our own research, planting a large amount of our seed on our own land or related land. We harvest, process and package our own seed in our own seed plant, as well as packaging seed for other companies.
  • We deliver our seed directly to our customers and we service what we sell.

For more information, please complete the attached form or call us at 608-988-4568 or toll free at 866-KUSSMAUL



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